Official Statement on Hillary Clinton’s Public Financing Announcement


Clinton: “I Believe in Publicly Financed Elections”

Iowa City, IA — Secretary Hillary Clinton became the third major Democratic Presidential candidate to declare support for publicly financed elections — a positive sign for Americans who want to see big money out of politics.

Hillary Clinton joining Sanders and O’Malley in support for public financing of elections is a testament to the groundswell of support for elections that live up to our ideals as Americans” said  Adonal Foyle, Founder of Democracy Matters “Given the overwhelming bi-partisan disgust with the influence of money in politics, we look forward to support from Republican candidates as well. The next step for campaigns is to lay out specific plans on how they hope to restore democracy. Students will be watching closely.”

Secretary Clinton laid out her position in response to a question from Mason Buonadonna, a 20 year-old junior and President of the University of Iowa Democracy Matters chapter.

Clinton further stated her support to reverse the effects two Supreme court cases that helped define money as speech, known widely as ‘Citizens United’ and ‘Buckley v. Valeo’. This mention of the Buckley case is notable as she had not previously  discussed it in either her announcement speech or subsequent campaign events.

Democracy Matters is a non-partisan student organization focused on addressing the root problem of money in politics with over 60 chapters nationwide and a strong footprint in both the politically crucial early states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

For a link to the video containing Ms. Clinton’s comments and additional questions Democracy Matters would like her to answer, click here.


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