Donald Trump on Public Financing

(Note: For more coverage of this video and Donald Trump’s position on campaign finance, check out this article by Jon Schwarz of The Intercept).

At his official Iowa announcement speech at Hoyt Sherman Place in Iowa, Democracy Matters chapter President and student at Des Moines Area Community College, Kyle Chapman, asked Mr. Trump his thoughts on publically funded campaigns. What he said in response certainly surprised us. Watch the video below:

Democracy Matters has some follow-up questions for Mr. Trump:

1. You recently referred to fellow candidates who traveled to a Koch event in California as puppets who beg for money. If so, who are the puppet masters and what are their motives?

2. Do you believe in equal access to democracy for all Americans? If so, do you support restoring the Voting Rights Act?

3. Will you sign the Democracy Pledge which states “I support restoring democracy by publicly financing elections and taking big money out of politics”?

We look forward to hearing more about what Mr. Trump and other Republican presidential contenders have to say on the topic of public financing.


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