Martin O’Malley Signs Our Pledge to Restore Democracy

Iowa City, IA – On August 30th, before two hundred supporters at The Mill in Iowa City, Democratic Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley signed the Democracy Matters pledge, committing his support for public financing of elections. The full text of the pledge reads: “I support restoring democracy by publicly financing elections and taking big money out of politics.”

In signing the pledge, the former Maryland governor joins Senator Bernie Sanders, who signed the same pledge ten months ago, leaving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the only key Democratic contender yet to do so.

O’Malley agreed to sign the pledge after Mason Buonadonna, a 20 year-old senior at the University of Iowa, and president of the campus Democracy Matters chapter, asked him to publicly demonstrate with his signature to Democcy Matters members and Iowa caucusgoers that if elected, “you are going to restore democracy and get big money out of politics.”

Upon signing the pledge, O’Malley stated, “One of our goals is to move to publicly financed elections for Congress within the next five years”, adding that he’d “love to get there sooner.”

O’Malley is no stranger to public financing of elections. In his home state of Maryland, candidates for governor are eligible for public funds, and Montgomery County, MD recently adopted partial public funding for municipal elections.

Democracy Matters applauds both candidates’ decision to pledge to stand with ordinary Americans and fight for a better democracy through public financing of elections. The organization now looks to Hillary Clinton for clear commitment on the issue, and urges her to join her competitors, sign the pledge, and make it a key component of her Presidential candidacy as well.


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