Hillary Clinton Responds to Growing Social Movement

Hillary Clinton’s statement today calling for real change in the campaign financing system is an important step toward giving all Americans a voice in their democracy. Democracy Matters is delighted that Secretary Clinton has responded to the growing social movement calling for a government of, by and for the people by making this statement calling for reform.

The vast majority of the American people are disgusted by the increasing ability of wealthy individuals to influence our elections. The young people and college students who are members of Democracy Matters on college campuses throughout the country understand that the issues they care about – the environment, student debt, growing inequality and more – will be addressed only when we have a fair system of financing campaigns that includes the voices of all citizens, not just those whose wealth is enabling them to silence the rest of us.

Democracy Matters students are doing the grassroots organizing that is helping to build the broad movement that will continue to demand that politicians support real change. Secretary Clinton’s statement is a good step in that direction. We hope that she will continue to be a champion of campaign finance reform.

Democracy Matters’ “Restore Democracy” pledge has been signed by other Democratic candidates as well as by hundreds of young people. It reads “I support restoring democracy by publicly financing elections and getting big money out of politics.” We hope that Secretary Clinton will soon join with others in signing this pledge.


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