Campus Update: Gettysburg DM attracts large membership, plans big things


Democracy Matters at Gettysburg College has gotten off to a great start this semester.

Last Friday, Democracy Matters students participated in the Gettysburg College fall activities fair. Activities fairs are an annual or biannual event in which new students listen to representatives of student clubs about their respective organizations. For most chapters, these fairs are the ideal time to recruit new members.

In order to be heard within the hundreds of other organizations, Democracy Matters interns are forced to perfect their pitches about why joining Democracy Matters is worthwhile. This year, the DM students at Gettysburg, including their campus coordinator Jeffrey Lauck, made this look easy, as they got over 30 people to sign up to be on their mailing list.

Not only was this a huge success in it of itself, but it was also followed on Monday by another success. During the group’s first meeting of the semester, over 25 people showed up (a new record for them!).

Gettysburg Students

During the meeting, the group watched the DM introduction video and began to plan events for the semester. Among the events under consideration: a live stream of the presidential debates, the creation of a Gettysburg DM informational video, a public lecture, a voter registration drive, and a letter/phone/email campaign to put pressure on their elected representatives to enact campaign finance reform.

We are extremely proud of our Gettysburg interns for their wonderful start to the year and wish them the best of luck with their upcoming events!


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